Home, breech, healthy twins!

This is a truly amazing story of twins born at home naturally, 33 hours apart. This may not be the choice that my neighbor or my cousin would make, but I believe an inspiring birth story contains something for everyone’s benefit. We can all learn from each others’ positive stories, can’t we?!

Read on, and become inspired!

Maintaining balance and creating a beautiful home birth experience. ~ Lana Shlafer

Breastfeeding laws, state-by-state

The federal government allows protections for breastfeeding moms on public federal property. But what about breastfeeding or pumping breast milk at work? What about breastfeeding in a restaurant? How does your state protect breastfeeding moms?

Click here, the National Conference of State Legislatures to find how your state stacks up.

Business of Being Born

On the Ricki Lake show this week, Ricki discusses…The Business of Being Born.

“Home birth may not be for everybody, but certainly informed choice is for everybody.”

Audrey Pauline Elder’s Birth Story ~ 8.21.12 ~ 5:54 am ~ 7 lbs, 7 oz

Audrey’s parents, Lyra and Lee Elder, were model students of Portland Hypnobabies. I am so proud of them!

Please feel free to share their story with friends and family so the world can learn how peaceful birth can be.

Audrey Pauline Elder’s Birth Story ~ 8.21.12 ~ 5:54 am ~ 7 lbs, 7 oz

We transferred our care to Andaluz Watherbirth Center Monday morning (8.20.12) at 41 weeks and 5 days, only 2 days to 42 weeks, the day our OB wanted us to induce.  Our initial intake appointment at Birth Center was at 4 pm Monday afternoon, at that point I was having some “different” feeling pressure waves and I had been experiencing some new cramping sensations for the past few days.

After our appointment, my husband, Lee and I went out to Vietnamese downtown and had some spicy Pho soup and went for a walk along the waterfront.  At this point, I was experiencing manageable pressure waves and we noticed they seemed to be occurring a bit more consistently, about every 20-30 minutes apart.  After our walk we headed home, with a lot of excitement and anticipation of “could this really be IT? ~ finally, the day we have been waiting for these 10 long months.

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Hot or Bikram Yoga during pregnancy?

I love hot yoga. Some of my Yogi and Yogini friends dislike it for various reasons, but I really enjoy the feeling of becoming completely exhausted. I love to stretch my body when it gets a little tight from running so much and the class is the perfect length for me. I haven’t been doing it forever and generally I bounce around to different studios in North or North East Portland. I haven’t tried them all yet, but so far each one has a specific charm and I am close to making a commitment to one of them, I’m sure.

Today there was a pregnant woman in class. Nobody noticed until she started heading toward the door about 45 minutes into it and the instructor stopped instructing to ask what she was doing. All of our heads turned to her to watch what was happening, as we stood there like Flamingos in Tree Pose, balancing on one leg. (I felt for her at the time, I am sure all of us have had the urge to run for the door at one point practicing hot yoga.)

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Food’s Erin Brockovich and…Epigentics

Why, do we, in these great United States of America, have more cancer and food allergies than the rest of the world?

Please understand that I am a BIG fan of food, I love to cook and I love my local farmers. Without farmers we would have no food. However, when it comes to something like genetically modifying the food that I eat, I have to take a step back and do some critical thinking. Shouldn’t the food we eat be nourishing and healthy, helping us to combat the very things (cancer & illnesses ) that it is now possibly causing?

When we know so little still, about the manner in which our genes are expressed and how their expression is influenced by our nutrition (and our mother’s nutrition), isn’t it smart to take a look at what we’re eating, not just in our daily lives, but especially in pregnancy?

Next time you’re in the grocery store try this;  instead of looking at the offerings before you as possible meals and snacks, take a step back and see them as products that are being sold to you by a corporation trying to make a profit. (Don’t get me wrong here, I love businesses. I have one or two myself – all businesses need to make profits – but hopefully they do it in a SAFE and HONEST manner.)

Who made this tomato? Where does it come from? Is it in season, grown with care by a local farmer, or was is put in a gas chamber to ripen, then painted or waxed to make it look better? How about this Hydrolyzed Soy Protein? Does it contain MSG? What does that mean to me?

The big question is, what are you eating and is it healthy for you and your family?

Remember, eat well and take good care!

YOU can be a Hypnobabies star!

And Now, a word from our sponsors….Hypnobabies!

Are you good on camera? Love to tell your Hypnobabies birth story? Can’t get enough of sharing your wonderful baby news?

Are you a birth professional who has worked with a Hypnobabies Mom and would like to share your experience with the Hypnobabies birth?

Share your good news with others and help spread the word about how wonderful and natural birth really is. Become a Hypnobabies star!

Hypnobabies is in the process of making several educational films and would love to have your help. If you’d like to contribute a bit of footage for one of our projects, read the topics below and you’ll find instructions at the bottom for sending it in to Hypnobabies. Full birth stories, birth footage and any of the topics below are welcome as well as any feedback on our program.

We are producing videos such as these:

Topics we will be including from Hypnobabies Moms and Families:

  • “Why I/we chose Hypnobabies for my baby’s birth”
  • “My/our friends and family thought ______ about me using hypnosis for childbirth.”
  • “Myour _____ (midwife, doctor, doula) said_____ about me using Hypnobabies.
  • “My favorite part of Hypnobabies practice was/is…”
  • “The Hypnobabies techniques that helped me most in my Birthing Time were..”
  • “My birthing was awesome *because* ______(caregiver, friend, doula etc.) said this to me: _______”
  • “My birthing was awesome *until* ______(caregiver, friend, doula etc.) said this to me: _______”
  • “My Hypnobabies birth story…”
  • “After my baby was born, I felt____ about childbirth.”
  • “I’d love for medical caregivers to know this about what pregnant and birthing women need: ___________”

 Topics we will be including from doulas, nurses and midwives:

  • “When I first heard about hypnosis for childbirth, I thought ____”
  • “What impressed me the most about birth preparation with Hypnobabies is_____”
  • What has your experience been in the past with your clients using other hypno-childbirth methods?
  • “I think the use of the different wording in Hypnobabies is_____ “(Birthing vs. labor, discomfort vs. pain, transformations vs. transition, etc.)
  • Did you help your Hypnobabies client by using their special Hypnobabies words in during her labor? Why or why not?
  • Please comment on the fact that Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth class and how you think that helped your client during her pregnancy and labor.
  • Was your client able to be mobile and communicative during her labor and still remain comfortable and relaxed?
  • What did you think your client’s comfort level was during active labor? During transition? During the pushing phase?
  • Do you think that your client’s use of Hypnobabies made your job easier, more enjoyable, more fulfilling?
  • What comments or advice do you have for other midwives and doulas when their clients tell them they are preparing for labor with Hypnobabies?
  • What was the best thing you observed about this birth for the birthing mother?
  • What was the best thing about this Hypnobabies birth for you?

If any of these topics sound fun and interesting to you and you’d like to be a star in one of our video productions, please e-mail info at Hypnobabies dot com and put “Hypnobabies Film Projects” in the subject line. We will send you all the information that you need to videotape yourself and send the footage to Hypnobabies.

We appreciate you considering how you can help educate other expectant parents and birth professionals about Hypnobabies. If you love Hypnobabies; others will too!

Thank you SO much!


What are my choices at the hospital?

Today’s post includes an excellent podcast from pregTASTIC!

If you, or someone you know is preparing to give birth in a hospital, knowing what to expect when you walk in and being informed about your rights will help your mental state of relaxation and confidence stay strong.

OB/GYN Dr. Robert Biter discusses your options in a hospital and answers questions from the pregTASTIC experts. Take about 20 minutes to relax while listening to this podcast and you, too will be informed and confident! Click here to listen and enjoy!