So you’ve found Hypnobabies…

Hypnosis for childbirth that really works!

Today’s expectant mothers are much more proactive in their approach to childbirth preparation. They are well-educated, techno-savvy and do a lot of research to help themselves make informed decision for their baby’s birth. This is one of the reasons that Hypnobabies Classes have become so popular with pregnant couples, allowing them to learn in detail how their pregnancy and birthing choices will affect their baby’s health, their own birthing experience, and the association of the mother *with* the baby for the rest of their lives.

Expectant mothers today understand fully that they need to take responsibility for their baby’s birth, and that failure to do results in someone else taking over who may have a completely different agenda than they do. Pregnant couples are no longer willing to give up their own control over decisions made in pregnancy, childbirth and their new baby’s care. Hypnobabies helps them to learn, practice and use not only the best childbirth skills available, but also to create their birth of their dreams, without unnecessary interference.

Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course. I teach Hypnobabies group classes in my comfortable, relaxing office and one-on-one classes in my office or at your location in the Portland Metro area.

I also offer hypnosis as a safe, natural and effective tool for all sorts of things such as postpartum experiences, healthy weight management, high blood pressure, fear of needles-  and I have a knock-out smoking cessation program too!

If you’re interested, give it a try!

Learn more about hypnosis for childbirth by listening to this FREE audio track, “What is Hypnosis for Childbirth?”

Or, download this FREE “Relax Me” hypnosis track that guides you
into hypnosis and presents positive hypnosis suggestions. Since this track has
deep relaxation and a hypnosis induction, it can only be listened to in a
relaxed, eyes closed, fully supported position, and is *never* to be
listened to while driving or doing anything that requires your full

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